Chanakya VCD's
 It's the epic saga of the founder of the first indian empire  "CHANAKYA" : Kautilya alias Chanakya was a great  proponent of politics, economics and diplomacy. His  creation Chanakya Neeti is time tested and relevant in all  times. Chanakya's Neeti has guided the administration &  society in all ages. Mahatma Chanakya was stern but had a  kind heart. He never cared for wealth or luxury or any post,  only the respect of the nation. Honour, glory and ethical  values remained of top priority to him..
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Ramayan DVD Set
Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan - one of the greatest Epics in  the Heritage of India. 
 Pack 16 DVD consisting of Episode 1 to 78 witnessing the
 era from birth of Lord Ram till his crowning as the
 king of Ayodhya.
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Mahabharat DVD Set
 Mahabharat Deluxe DVD Collector's Edition 16 DVD Disc Set  Vol.1 To 16 (Episode 1 - 94) To capture the magnificence,  the grandeur and the drama of this great epic was the  dream of producer - director B.R. Chopra, one of India's  eminent film-makers. Enormous resources have been  staked by B.R. TV, to bring to television audiences the  richness and grandeur of the period to which the  MAHABHARAT belonged. Rated as the most popular TV  program on India's Doordarshan, the serial consists of 94  episodes each of a running time of 45 minutes.
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Vishnupuran DVD Set
 'VISHNUPURAN' is an ageless epic that was originally  written by Maharishi Parashar, VISHNUPURAN is the story
 of  Lord Vishnu, who in man's fights against evil, comes to  his  aid time and again and restores the balance between  good  and evil. Whenever his devotees have been  oppressed by  evil, Lord Vishnu has left his abode in the  ksheersagar and  rushed to their rescue - in different  forms.
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